[me]united sport as therapy is aimed at participants who suffer from a mental health illness or for anyone who would like to improve their mental well-being by using sport.

Participants do not need a referral from a doctor or another service as they may be suffering with symptoms of a mental illness without being diagnosed e.g. low confidence and low self-esteem. Participants may not have spoken about their mental health to anyone or understand where they can go for support, [me]united aims to provide information about local services which could support participants throughout their recovery.

There are many barriers to playing sport especially if you have a mental health illness. Barriers such as finances, limited time, physical limitations and a lack of motivation are common for a lot of people. If you have a mental health illness you may also have psychological and sociological barriers to overcome. [me]united aims to provide positive coaching and a friendly environment for participants to play sport with likeminded people with the main focus being FUN! All abilities will be welcome, with no negative scrutiny, shouting or aggression shown towards any participants. Just sport, fun, laughing and a good physical workout.

Matthew Gordon - Head Coach

“I have battled with ill mental health for many years. After therapy/assessments/tablets/being close to ending it all, I was referred onto a sports therapy programme. Getting help and getting on the programme took far too long leaving me lost and stressed. 

I was sure there are plenty others out there who are in a similar position.

I want to be able to help participants play sport in order to improve their mental health. To do this I have designed [me]united to be a very simple programme to enter, allowing participants with a mental health illness to play sports in a friendly environment with likeminded individuals.

I have never felt comfortable when participating in sport with regular sports clubs. The shouting at the referees or at other team mates made me very uneasy and insecure. I just wanted to have fun and have a good workout. Hopefully at [me]united I have created an atmosphere where people can play sport with a smile on their face regardless of their ability.

Since starting [me]united I have seen an improvement in my own mental health. Being surrounded by other individuals who have been through similar experiences really helps, along with the regular physical activity releasing lots of positive chemicals and endorphins I have recently been able to withdraw from my regular medication, using sport as my therapy instead.”


If you would like to volunteer at [me]united please get in touch.  There are many volunteer opportunities from coaching to administration. By volunteering you could; make a difference to someone’s life in your local community, learn new skills, and make new friends.

What People Say
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“After a weekly session with [me]united, I come home feeling enriched and positive with a feeling that I have done something good today, for myself. And despite not being fully physically active for a while, I get surprised by how much energy I have, so it’s also a good way of burning stream, I look forward to Fridays every week.”

“Learnt/was reminded of some good warm-up and training routines – they were good fun. Was nice to chat with other players too. It was very comforting to know there was a chance to play football in a friendly, inclusive space.”

“[me]united gave me the opportunity to play football; an opportunity I would not have otherwise had. Before the sessions started I had never kicked a ball so taking part in training and matches is a great experience.”

“Yes. I was told by a previous councillor that one of the last remaining hurdles to a ‘full’ recovery was to increase my self confidence by meeting new people in unfamiliar places. By doing this, and seeing there was a positive reaction (i.e. people liking me) I could build self-confidence. [me]united allows me to do this in a safe, friendly environment – it came at the perfect time. “

“This Program was born through founder and creator Matthew Gordon’s lived experience of Mental ill health. Through his recovery he identified the positive effects from physical activity and team work inclusion. Selfless motivation and a lot of hard work, soul searching and dedication from him has enabled myself and countless others to come together and reap the benefits towards our Mental Health and overall Wellbeing. Thankyou Matthew and the support team for presenting me with a renewed optimism for the future.”

“(me)United weekly sessions are benefiting so many people in addition to myself. It’s so apparent and the positive and friendly atmosphere is tangible. The staff are fantastic and they make it clear that the sessions are to be friendly, encouraging and offered in a safe and welcoming environment.”

“Taking part in (me)United is a welcome change and relief from what previously felt like endless visits to the Gp and weekly conversations with Community Psychiatric nurses. I now feel confident and less reliant on these weekly chats as I now have an alternative healthy outlet to share my feelings in a much more attractive location out in the fresh air. This activity I feel will present people with the opportunity to be less reliant on the traditional pharmaceutical treatments widely prescribed or to work in unison with them and talking therapies.”

“Without doubt (me)United has had a profound and transformative effect on my Mental Health. Confidence is returning, lost social skills are re-ignited due to interaction with fellow participants. Physical exertion aftermath leaves me naturally calm and compliments a well-deserved nights sleep. Motivation seeps back into my life to the point I now look after myself better and find myself preparing and gearing up towards the sessions. Finally mixing with people who have lived experience of what you’re going through gives great support and an abundance of opportunity to talk and share your feelings.”


“If this imitative were to stop I would probably begin to lapse into isolation, physical dormancy and an overriding feeling of loss of such a motivational focus to my week.”

“Taking part in these valuable sessions give me a feeling of social inclusion again. Slowly but surely my confidence is evidently returning. I am relating to fellow participants and forming friendships contrary to the debilitating isolation mental illness causes. Physically my overall health is improving which again has the knock-on effect of improving my self-confidence and self-esteem.”

“(me)united presented me with the opportunity to begin physical activity in a comfortable environment”